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Woman loses arms & legs after getting butt implants

Doctors had to amputate a Los Angeles woman’s legs and arms due to infections from a cosmetic procedure to enhance her butt. The procedure was done by a “back alley surgeon.”

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Price for the world’s biggest boobs? $250,000

This chick has been featured on here before. She is bat-sh*t crazy.

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Video: Return of the weird muscle implant guy

These “fake muscles” are created by injecting an oily liquid called “synthol” in to the muscle tissue. Check out more of this guy and other people with fake muscles here.

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Woman hospitalized after botched boob job

A 28-year-old Dallas woman is recovering after being rushed to Baylor Hospital’s emergency room following a plastic surgery procedure. She went to Dr. Hector Oscar Molina for an arm lift and a boob job, and left with infections. This is the second time this year one of his patients had to be taken out of his office by ambulance. Her mother says her obese daughter just wanted to be pretty.

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