Pebbelz arrested for allegedly murdering a model with booty shots

[ More pics of Pebbelz’ insanely huge booty ]

A rap video model, Pebbelz, who we’ve featured on here many times for her outrageous booty implants, is being questioned by police about the death of a woman in Jackson, Miss. The woman died after receiving concrete-filled booty implants, similar to Pebbelz’ booty implants. Pebbelz, real name Natasha Stewart, 39 years old has been indicted on charges of murder, wire fraud, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

You can see Pebbelz’ mugshot here.

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Pebbelz is still showing off her booty

Here’s another shot of Pebbelz Da Model, the girl with the biggest booty implants in the world, showing off her silicone lumps.

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Pebbelz Da Model in the wild

One of our readers snapped this pic of DrFugly.com mainstay Pebbelz Da Model out in the wild. She claims to have the largest booty implants in the world, and we believe her. See more of her here.

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Pebbelz is back

DrFugly.com regular Pebbelz Da Model is back. This girl claims to have the largest booty in the world, and I can’t argue it. You can see more of Pebbelz in the booty enlargement section of the site, where she is a mainstay.

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